I hate livejournal.
I had a livejournal when I was 13, http://noaj.livejournal.com/ (it sucks! I'm on http://robodude.no-ip.org/blog now, it sucks as well but is more recent), and they kicked me out because of the Child Online Protection act.
Who complies with the Child Online Protection act? I mean, seriously!
Now it sucks and is filled with banner ads for evony and eye doctors and irrelevant crap, and has changed hands so many times it's completely untrustworthy.

Good things about livejournal:
0) The community is hella awesome. All the fans of everything cool ever are here.
1) It supports XMPP out of the box

Bad things about livejournal:
0) All the aforementioned BS
1) Upload limits/other not-my-web-server thingies
2) Livejournal memes (they're not cool like other memes, they're boring and self-indulgent)

Repost this to everyone you know with every third word replaced with the fifth word on the nearest can of something you can find!



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